Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jennifer Jack of Good Fortune Soap

In May 2006, Good Fortune set roots in Chattanooga, Tennessee and grew under the care of Jennifer Jack (entrepreneur, graphic designer, and photographer.) After working in the corporate world for many years, she longed for a different lifestyle. Jennifer wanted a career that fed her mind, body, and spirit while also providing a way to connect and help others. After much praying, God blessed Jennifer by allowing her passions to become her calling. Combining her love of design, photography, and the craft of making things by hand—Good Fortune Soap was born.

“One day at a time” continues to be one of Jennifer’s mottos. From day one she studied soap making, natural ingredients, and the natural products industry as a whole. A mad scientist, Jennifer experimented by making hundreds of batches of soap, scent combinations, shapes, colors, and more. Self taught, she perfected the process night and day while working full-time as a graphic designer (she designed this entire Web site—nice, huh?). She continues to be very motivated by learning from others in the industry and attending soap-making conferences regularly. Eventually, from sharing a few really successful recipes with friends and family, Good Fortune became a hit.

December 2006 marked Good Fortune’s first big open house. In just two days, Jennifer sold hundreds of bars of soap and gift sets. Further, two Chattanooga, TN-based specialty shops placed orders, purchasing Jennifer’s entire collection of scents and gift sets. This success prepared Jennifer for the next step—going full-time with soap. After 8 months Jennifer took the plunge: she sold her house, quit her stable job, and took Good Fortune all the way.

The next step? Create a business plan that configures how Good Fortune was going to help change the world. Jennifer didn’t just want an amazing product that she could bank. She wanted products that embodied positive thinking and touched people’s lives physically and spiritually. The focus evolved to marketing her all-natural ingredients, healing essential oils, recyclable packaging, and donations of personal time and resources as a way to spread the word about the spirit of her company.

Currently, Good Fortune embodies a production studio and store front in Athens, Tennessee. The studio in Athens was once the family's dairy barn, but is now open to the public. Jennifer and her mother, Charlotte, worked side-by-side renovating the studio, making Good Fortune a family business. Good Fortune products are now sold throughout Tennessee as well as 5 other states. Keep your eyes open for our products near you, or let us know if you want to see our stuff in a specialty store near you.

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